Lotus Pool Services has lots of experience performing every type of repair to  residential swimming pools and spas.  From installing a simple 'O' ring to installations of complete new water circulation and filtration systems.  Lotus Pool Services can keep your swimming pool and spa in peak operating condition all year long.

Lotus Pool Services dedication to honesty, professionalism, and customer service is our prime business driver.  Contact us today!   One visit from an experienced Lotus Pool Services technician will convince you that we are the best swimming pool cleaning service and repair company to keep your swimming pool and spa clean, healthy and operating smoothly.

Commitment to Honesty

With our 'commitment to honesty' policy, you can rest assured that we will never attempt to oversell any product or service and will never suggest unnecessary swimming pool repair work to increase our charges.

We will endeavor to fully explain any proposed swimming pool repair work that is needed and always give an estimate of the swimming pool repair cost prior to beginning the work.

Swimming Pool and Spa Repair Services

The following list is an indication of the services we regularly provides.  It is not intended to be fully exhaustive:

  • Swimming pool and spa pump motor maintenance and replacement
  • Swimming pool filter cleaning
  • Swimming pool sand filter repair
  • Swimming pool filter repair or replacement
  • Simple swimming pool and spa leak detection
  • Stain Removal
  • Algae removal and control
  • Chlorinated swimming pool system repairs or installations
  • Swimming pool and spa timer repair and replacement
  • Full swimming pool regrouts
  • Swimming pool retiles
If you have a specific repair or enquiry then please contact us to talk it through.